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Twin Peaks Biker Melee; Waco, Texas May 17, 2015

Editorial: Claims about DA Reyna's Political Favors Should Worry All Law-Abiding Citizens: Download: Waco Tribune November 14, 2017

Prosecutor Accused of 'Revenge Porn' Attack on Biker Gang Member: The Daily Beast October 7, 2017

Another Motion Filed in Twin Peaks Trial: KWKT TV October 5, 2017

October 4, 2017: Download: Motion to Recall Discovery and Disqualify McLennan County District Attorney's office

Attorney to File Motion to get DA off Twin Peaks Case: KCEN TV October 4, 2017

Twin Peaks Biker Seeks Recall of Sexually Explicit Video Disqualification: Waco Tribune October 4, 2017

Judge Sets Trial Date for Biker Arrested at Twin Peaks: Waco Tribune June 23, 2017

First Trial Postponed for Biker Involved in 2015 Waco Twin Peaks Shootout: May 7, 2017

Maybe Waco September Trial: Aging Rebel Blog April 22, 2017

Waco! Twin Peaks Massacre The More Things Change: MC Atty Blog April 18, 2017

Complex Federal Case Could Delay Trials of Twin Peaks Bikers: KWTX-TV March 29, 2017

Woman Arrested in Waco Biker Gang Shootout Seeks $350 Million: KWTX-TV March 17, 2017

Bank Teller Sues for $350 Million in Twin Peaks Case: KCEN TV March 8, 2017

Twin Peaks 'Perjured' Affidavit Could Cost Taxpayers $350 Million: Radio Legendary Blog March 8, 2017

First Twin Peaks Trial Delayed: The Eagle March 3, 2017

Biker-Defendant Looks to Remove Waco DA Abel Reyna from the Case: Texas Lawyer February 1, 2017

Twin Peaks Shootout One Year Later: WFAA 8 ABC TV May 17, 2017

Effort to Remove Prosecutor Could Delay Waco Shootout Trial: Fox 7 Austin May 17, 2016

Tune in CNN for Gritty Look at Texas Biker Brawl: San Antonio Express May 16, 2016

Year After Waco 'Outlaw Bikers' Open Up: KSAT TV May 15, 2016

Bikers Gather outside Courthouse Nearly a Year after Shootout: KWTX10-TV May 14, 2016

How Media Coverage of the Twin Peaks Shooting will Impact the Trial: KXXY ABC News 25 April 28, 2016

Full Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting Videos; Witness Statements Made Public: April 6, 2016

Where are we at in the Waco Biker Gang Shootout Investigation?: Houston Press April 4, 2016

Some Waco Charges Dismissed...or Not?: April 4, 2016

Attorneys at Odds over Whether Remaining Twin Peaks Cases Dismissed: KWTX TV April 1, 2016

DA Calls Comments from Twin PEaks Attorney "Sadly Inaccurate": April 4, 2016

Lawyer: Charges Dismissed Against Unindicted Twin Peaks Bikers: Waco Tribune April 1, 2016

Term of Texas Grand Jury Considering Biker Cases Expires:

Charges Dismissed Against Dozens of Waco Bikers: Houston Chronicle April 1, 2016

Lawyer: Charges Dismissed Against Dozens of Waco Bikers: San Antonio Express News April 1, 2016

Twin Peaks Biker Couple Says Charges Dropped, But Not Dismissed: Free Republic April 1, 2016

Appeals Court Denies Speedy Trial in Twin Peaks Case: Waco Tribune March 11, 2016

Twin Peaks Indictments List 10th Dead Biker: Waco Tribune December 17, 2015

Lawyer in Waco Biker Case Challenges the Government to Put up or Shut up with Trials: Reason Magazine November 17, 2015

Attorney: Flawed Prosecution Theory will cost County Millions in Twin Peaks Biker Cases: Waco Tribune November 16, 2015

Lawyer: Twin Peaks Chaos Stops if First Biker Gets Immediate Trial: Houston Chronicle November 16, 2015

106 Indicted in Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootout with More Still to Come, Prosecutors Say: November 12, 2015

Twin Peaks Biker who Evaded Arrest to have Bullet Removed: New York Daily News September 11, 2015

The Book of Waco, Page 1: Above Top Secret Blog September 9, 2015

Life and Death in Waco: A Biker's Story: Houston Chronicle June 22, 2015

Bikers Jailed After Waco Shootout Deride High Bonds and Slow Justice: New York Times June 10, 2015

Texas Authorities Lower Bail for Bikers Arrested in Waco Shooting: NPR June 2, 2015

Waco Biker Brawl: Man Charged After Deadly Shooting Calls Arrests a Sham: NBC News June 2, 2015

Released Waco Bikers: They Made us Feel Like Aninals: USA Today June 2, 2015

Waco Coercion Alleged: The Aging Rebel Blog June 1, 2015

Waco Biker Massacre by Cops at Twin Peaks: May 29, 2015

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