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Client Testimonials

Regarding Attorneys Paul Looney, Clay S. Conrad and Staff Members

If you hire any other attorney than Paul Looney, you are wasting your time. - Dr. Vernon Bender, Medical Professional January, 2018

I was very impressed with the detail and time Paul and Clay put into my case. When I was faced with what seemed to be a giant, they stepped in and gave me confidence and my case turned out to be “no billed” by the grand jury. Whenever it seems like everything is against you, they came up with some wonderful ideas that helped me keep my sanity, seriously. The one-on-one conversations and the quick responses on the cell phone texting were much appreciated. I noted from the beginning the very high intelligence of Paul and Clay and they are worth every penny. I’ve never spent money better for my family. Justice was put to light, thanks to these guys. When it seems there was not a way to win, these guys made it possible and I am really, really, really happy. --R.A., Medical Professional, January 3, 2018

Mr. Looney had my complete confidence from the moment I met him. He worked swiftly and skillfully in resolving my case: Dismissal! He is a very kind man with a good heart, and he helps clients by caring for them above and beyond only legal matters. I was also very impressed with his outstanding reputation in the community. He is highly respected by elected officials, colleagues and the many people with whom he's worked in a volunteer or advocate capacity. Mr. Looney knows the right people, the right strategy, and runs a highly competent and ethical practice. I highly recommend him! and how could you go wrong with a strong, knowledgable legal professional who has won 60 trials in a row?!?!? :-) --June 14, 2016 posted by client on AVVO

"Looney and Conrad are amazing lawyers! They a have a lot of knowledge when it comes to having cases dismissed ! These are not plea bargain lawyers. My friend blew a .18 BAC and case was dismissed due to a technicality they uncovered through extensive research and hard work. These are the big boys when it comes to criminal defenses!!--S.V. - DWI Client, April 2016

"I was blessed to meet Paul Looney about 16 years ago when he became my friend and later my attorney. He has helped me tremendously with my legal issues and I would recommend him to anyone seeking advice or counsel. I'm not sure how he does what he does but he has some special stuff! Thank You with all my heart, Paul! You are THE BEST in my book!" --Wendy Honeycutt, April 27, 2016

"My family has known Paul Looney for years and he represented us during a suit against a large insurance company. Needless to say, we won." --B.E., April 1, 2016

"Roxanne Avery is amazing! She has put in many long hours, stayed in constant contact throughout and has a heart of gold! She communicates with our family when a lawyer was too busy to handle our situation." - Sister of Biker at Twin Peaks in Waco May 17, 2015

"These guys are the greatest lawyers on earth!  They are very trustworthy, honest men!  I went to trial with my case and they did GREAT!!  And they truly cared about my family and myself...I have been around a lot of lawyers in my job; hands down, Looney & Conrad are the best!!!  - U.S. Deputy Marshal, August, 2013

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